Some new HDR images.

Pudong leaks over...

Image is a collage of different HDR settings, quite crazy layered. Anyway, as you can see, Pudong 'leaks' over to Puxi. Don't you feel, that more and more parts in 'old' Shanghai start to look like Pudong, too? There's a new area here in Zhabei, Zhabei! And it looks exactly like Pudong. Hope they can save some of that good old Shanghai feeling.

Field Of Yellow

Taken in the sichuan province. Edited heavily with Photoshop and other software.

Hangzhou RGB HDR Pagoda

This is a combination of three (!) separate generated HDR images from a single RAW file taken with my Nikon D50. I spend a good hour getting it together right, hope you like the result. The picture was taken in the beautiful city Hangzhou, about two hours away from Shanghai (only 26 minutes when that new Maglev line is finished, though...). Best viewed large!

When I have the time, I'll write an tutorial on how to create HDR images from a single Nikon D50 RAW file with various programs.

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