Mastering Composition in Midjourney: A Guide to Camera Angles

Midjourney's powerful AI lets you generate stunning images, but controlling the exact composition can be tricky. In this article, we'll explore how to use camera angle prompts to guide your Midjourney creations and achieve the specific look you desire. Inspired by photography techniques, we'll be using a friendly corgi as our example subject!

Camera Angles and Their Effects

  • Macro: Get in close for super-detailed images.
    • Prompt: Macro shot of a corgi's fluffy face, focus on its big brown eyes.
  • Close-up: Capture intimate details and emphasize specific features.
    • Prompt: Close-up of a corgi's paws playfully digging in the sand.

  • Wide Angle: Show a broader scene and establish context.
    • Prompt: Wide-angle view of a corgi running through a field of wildflowers.
  • Diagonal Angle: A dynamic, off-kilter perspective adding energy and movement.
    • Prompt: Diagonal angle of a corgi leaping to catch a frisbee.
  • Aerial: A top-down view for a sense of scale and perspective.
    • Prompt: Aerial shot of a corgi walking along a winding beach path.
  • High Angle: Looking down on the subject, can create a sense of vulnerability or smallness.
    • Prompt: High angle shot of a corgi curiously sniffing a flower.
  • Low Angle: Looking up at the subject, can add power and importance.
    • Prompt: Low angle of a majestic corgi sitting on a hilltop, overlooking a valley.
  • Oblique Angle: A tilted, unusual perspective for a unique and creative touch.
    • Prompt: Oblique angle of corgi tilting its head in confusion, vibrant fall leaves in the background.


  • Combine Angles: Don't be afraid to experiment with combining angles, like "low angle close-up" or "aerial wide-angle".
    • Prompt: Oblique wide-angle of a silhouetted corgi against a vibrant sunset, 8-bit pixel art style
  • Lighting: Consider adding lighting descriptions like "golden hour," "backlit," or "dramatic shadows".
    • Prompt: Low angle close-up of a corgi, golden hour lighting, dramatic shadows, photorealistic
  • Art Styles: Incorporate art styles (e.g., "photorealistic," "watercolor," "pixel art") to further enhance the mood.
    • Prompt: Aerial wide-angle of a corgi playfully chasing its tail in a field of dandelions, vibrant watercolor style


Understanding camera angles gives you greater control over your Midjourney compositions. Be creative, experiment, and let your imagination soar!

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