Bluetooth-posters for Tarantino's Death Proof in Germany!

Death Proof Bluetooth PosterSo Tarantino's part of the Grindhouse series titled Death Proof finally reaches Germany. They are going to show Death Proof in cinemas first, and Rodriguez' part Planet Terror one or two months later. Since there are no Matinee-cinemas in Germany it makes kind of sense - you have to adjust to your audience, not the other way around. Anyway, german distributer Senator must have found a quite creative publicity team for handling Death Proof, as a impressive PR-email reached me today. Here's a rough translation:

Tarantino's Death Proof will be advertised in a quite unique way between July 16th and 23rd: 39 City-Light-Posters with Bluetooth-technology will be used in 39 different places. This is a pilot-project in this kind of advertising. Cell phones with bluetooth can retrieve in a couple of minutes cell phone wallpapers, the tv ad and the trailer of the movie. It's called a 'beamzone'.

Pretty cool, right? So while you stand there waiting for your train or subway, you can open up your bluetooth and start enjoying some free stuff from the movie. I think that's really neat. The only problem is that right now, there are only five of these posters and all of them hanging in the city Hamburg. But, oh well, I guess they are also checking out how well this is received, how many people log on. For sure this isn't the cheapest way of advertising...

Reminds of a another extremely cool advertising I saw when living in Frankfurt a couple of years ago: 20th Century Fox was advertising for the big budget Will Smith movie I, Robot. They placed posters of the movie on the main street of Frankfurt - but on moving walls! These walls were connected to a small device that had tires and was driving slowly around. As soon as it reached a wall or a step down or up that it couldn't cross, it would stop moving in that way and turn around. So a driving robot system made advertising for a robot movie... Also cool.

What do you think about these kinds of advertisements?

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