Zhu and Gou: Almost done.


This is a graphical view on the contents of the ZHU AND GOU DVD that I am currently producing. Regular users of the software will immediately recognize that I am using Apple's DVD Studio Pro to create my wedding movie DVD. Anyway, all the content is created and encoded, the only thing that we are still working on are the subtitles. There will be german, english and chinese subtitles. Since most of the talking is in german, I am doing those first, then translating them to english, then my wife will translate to chinese on the basis of the english ones. What a project! The movie is 1 hour and 10 minutes long, I edited with Final Cut Pro, I had about 16 hours of material available (it was no fun to go through all that, believe me), taken with 4 different cameras so I had to use a lot of color correcting plugins. I even had to widescreen the whole movie since one camera recorded in 16:9. You gotta have patience, I think i watched more at the rendering loading then actual video...

So, dear friends who are waiting for the DVD, it will reach you soon. Stay tuned for more soon.

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