Welcome to the new blog.

It's over. And it begins.

The Blog-WG gets shut down. Jakob Montrasio's Net goes full power.

Janitor and landlord Jérôme told us old members, that we have until June to move out.

I can easily understand that, looking at the Blog-WG's RSS feed indicated that nobody is blogging seriously anymore.

I blogged less and less, too. It's a pity anyway. It was a beautiful time! I will always remember it, in the beginning I planed to blog there just for two months, but now it have been almost two years... I found the love of my life, I am living in Shanghai, moving my apartment for the third time soon, ...

Don't cry though! I got another Blog - this one! I'll continue to blog sense and stupidity here, but from now on in english only. Almost all old posts from my old blog can now be found here, you can find them easily by searching or by going through the sitemap.

Anyway, it's time to delete Jiajia & Jakobs WG-Zimmer from your Favorites / RSS readers. Instead, add this, my new blog: http://jakob.montrasio.net/. A RSS feed is also available: http://feeds.feedburner.com/JakobMontrasiosNet.

Thanks again, Ben & Jérôme, and all the other WG-members. It was an honor for me to blog with you.

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