Standing while editing.

Since Monday, I've been working while standing. No more seat for me. There are various reasons for this, among the top ones are my (over-)weight as well as the back pain that I had in Japan from shooting handheld and with a six kilogram heavy steadistick so much.

Standing while editing.

I've read about the benefits of working while standing some month ago and wondered all the time if I should try it out. The first day was the hardest one, my feet hurt badly at the end of it. So we went to Runners Point and bought me some new Nike shoes with the softest sole they had, some new foam-style with the classification 5.0. They worked wonders, and by Tuesday the pain was gone for the first six hours. The last hour started to get painful again, so I tried to sit down more often on Wednesday and Thursday. It worked just fine, and today my feet feel great again.

I feel much more clear while working, somewhat sharper and faster, and I need much less coffee than before. Actually, I just drink one in the morning and one after lunch for the stomach, but that's it. It's all mineral water that I drink now. The flat screen that I edit on is three metres in front of me in eye height, and my operating software just below me, so I am using my neck regularly, too. I think I'm standing straighter now, too.

But I also already start to feel healthier - I'm much more exhausted in the evening than I used to, but that's a good sign I guess. Standing all day together with riding the bike to work and playing with Emily on weekends should hopefully make up quite a bit for my lack of sport activities? I'll update here once I see some changes in my weight. I can only recommend other chubby guys to try this out, too! It's really neat.

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