SHANGHAI — September 27th 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The new full-length trailer for MK Media Productions' highly anticipated motion picture Shangdown: The Way Of The Spur debuted today. Shangdown: The Way Of The Spur, starring Christian Bachini and The Way Of The Dragon's famous villain Jon T. Benn, and directed by Jakob Montrasio, pays homage to the violent and gritty Spaghetti Western genre while adding an Asian twist.

The movie follows Italian cowboy and martial artist Guerino (Christian Bachini) as he searches for his missing sister in a culturally alien Shanghai. With the help of Jiekai (Daddy Chang), a Chinese man whose girlfriend has also gone missing, Guerino wages a one-man war against Shanghai’s biggest crime lord and his multitude of goons, following his one and only rule: kick first and ask questions later.

Shot on location in and around Shanghai, China, the film blends a variety of genres. "I call it a martial arts spaghetti western, or even simpler, an eastern western," said director Jakob Montrasio, who also wrote, shot and edited the movie.

Using no wires and digital effects, the action scenes - choreographed by lead actor Christian Bachini - will impress martial arts fans like no other film in a long time with a seamless blend of traditional kung fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, modern MMA and Muay Thai. The extremely experienced action crew, including the Ruan Stunt Team (John Woo’s Red Cliff), make visually distinctive fight and action scenes, both rural and urban. “The action scenes will be hard to forget," said Director of Photography Steffen Reimann.

Other members of the distinguished behind-the-camera crew include writer and co-producer Michael Ziming Ouyang (Pigs In Zen, Goodbye Shanghai), art director Stanley Xue Lin Yang (Mission: Impossible 3), action & special guest director Richard Chung (Kang: The New Legend Begins), composer Thomas Henz, electro songs by internationally renowned DJ & Music Producer Julius Voigtländer aka Jewelz, editor Gunnar Wagner, still photographer Todd Anthony Tyler, executive producers Paolo Montrasio (Draghi E Spiriti Puri) & Georg Konrad and producer Jiajia Montrasio, who worked on John Rabe before.

The trailer can be seen in high definition on the official film website and fans can update themselves about the status of the filming and screening locations through Facebook at

Shangdown: The Way Of The Spur will be released to film festivals in spring 2011.
MK Media Productions is a film and video production company located in Shanghai. Its local operations encompass motion picture production, television production, digital content creation and development of new entertainment products and services. MK Media Productions can be found on the World Wide Web at The Way of the Spur

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