sevenload rocks.

'Wo ist die Perle?' von yakobusan

There's a new player in the web 2.0 town: sevenload from Germany. I don't blog about them because I am german myself, but because the service there is unbelievable. Unbelievable! Not only does their flash player allow fast forwarding while the video is still loading!, but they also have an incredibly intelligent embed system as well as all image features that flickr has to offer. You can embed videos in whatever size you want, they offer to embed the video over javascript instead of twenty lines of code, you can embed pictures in various sizes, and, and, and. You need to check it out if you're into web 2.0 communities and stuff, this tops YouTube easily. They recently gave some big company 20% of the company, so we can expect to grow them even more in the next couple of months. I'll start using them as much as possible from now on. You can check out my profile there here, my pictures here, my videos here. Give it a shot! A english blog will be online soon, too.