SEO list: Where to add your Google Sitemaps.

You've created the Google Sitemaps file with one of the many available Wordpress plugins? You added it to your Google Webmaster Tools account? You added it to your robots.txt file? Good. I did that, too. But all that work, just for Google? Of course, Google is the mighty giant and most important, but now that you have gone through all the hardships creating it, why not 'feature' it a bit more? Think of it as a huge RSS feed that you can give to search engines. You might want to reach more then only Google - and there are some more that accept it! So here you go, a list with all the search engines I could find that accept your sitemap_index.xml file:

Google Webmaster Tools

Yahoo! Site Explorer

MSN Live Search (add your URL at the end of the link and hit enter)

moreover: (add your URL at the end of the link and hit enter)

Right now, I could find these 4 engines next to Google who support sitemaps. I will keep updating this entry when new engines are available. Best subscribe to my RSS feed to stay up to date...

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