Remembering The Lost Boys.

On mornings like today, I wish there'd be no internet. Then I'd have no RSS feed reader, I wouldn't have a subscription to's Arrow In The Head, and I wouldn't have seen a new post called 'Lost Boys 2 begins to hire'. They are seriously going to make a sequel now? After 20 years? Are they insane? Editor Eric Walkuski has this to say:

'I don’t know how I feel about the straight-to-DVD LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. Alright, I do know: I think it’s gonna be more THE COVENANT than the original THE LOST BOYS, which is a flick I grew up with and still love to this day. I have the feeling LB2 will have none of the spirit or fun of the first one, and will be by-the-numbers obnoxiousness, starring an army of young actors we couldn’t give two flips about.'

That's true! It will have nothing to do with the old The Lost Boys, but still the studio decided to give it the name. Why? Because it sells better. But making a sequel after 20 years means, that the real fans, the biggest group probably, are well over 30 years old. Old enough to understand what a rape this is, old enough to be angry at this obviously sole purpose of money-making crap movie. Why don't they give it a own name, release it not attached to the Lost Boys? I'll never understand Hollywood... To cheer you up, here's Lou Gramm with 'Lost In The Shadows'.

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