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Shot from July 31st until August 3rd on location in Shanghai, China. CREW DIRECTOR导演 Adam Christian Clark HEAD OF PRODUCTION 总制片 Michael Ouyang PRODUCTION DESIGNER 艺术指导 Walter Wong FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 第一副导 Jakob Montrasio PRODUCTION MANAGER 制片经理 Peter Ge ASSISTANT UPM Liu Yongming DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY 摄影师 Shu Chou CAMERA OPERATOR摄影助理 Liu Shun Bin SOUND 收音师 Cloud Wang IMAGE DIRECTOR 造型 DouDou Gu Gaffer照明 Xiao Diao…

Pictures from the opening of the China Prophecy: Shanghai exhibition in the New York Skyscraper Museum.

On June 24 2009, The Skyscraper Museum in New York City opened China Prophecy: Shanghai, a multi-media exhibition that examines Shanghai's evolving identity as a skyscraper metropolis. Featuring models of the major iconic structures, including Jin Mao, Tomorrow Square, Shanghai World Financial Center, and the new super-tall Shanghai Tower, as well as computer animations, film, drawings, and historic and contemporary photography of the city, the exhibition…

Honeymoon in Europe!

Being 25 years old, you usually don't get a kick out of christmas anymore. Sure, it's nice to have that one special day that you can spend with your family, but let's be honest, it was way more fun when we were children and got presents and stuff. This year was completely different. My grandmother actually managed to bring together the whole family from one side…


Some of my earliest photography, from a boarding school I went to from 1994 - 1998. The Odenwaldschule was a German school located in Heppenheim in the Odenwald. Founded in 1910, it was Germany's oldest Landerziehungsheim, a private boarding school located in a rural setting. Edith and Paul Geheeb established it using their concept of progressive education, which integrated the work of the head and hand.

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