My Cinematography Showreel 2009.

I finally finished editing my showreel, now that I'm back from New York. I shot some stuff from the exhibition there for the reel. Actually, there's no need to talk about what's in it, just watch it!

Jakob Montrasio :: Cinematography Showreel 2009 from Jakob Montrasio on Vimeo.

My works from the last couple of months :: Enjoy.
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Links to the individual videos seen in the showreel:
Jewelz & Charlie - Spacer Woman 2009 (Video Edit) ::
SHANGHAI. For the New York Skyscraper Museum ::
Shanghai Sideways: On a Changjiang Motor Bike! ::
Wedding in Shanghai, China - MK Media Sample ::
Father John: Zhapu Road Test ::
Eunice Martins in Shanghai ::