Jin Mao Tower & World Financial Center: Vertical Panoramas.

ChinaNext Entry #3

So when I went to Lujiazui yesterday to take some new Pudong pictures for the ChinaNext competition, all of a sudden an idea flew to my head: Why not create a vertical panorama of the beautiful Jin Mao tower? So I took five images at full zoom and stitched them together in Photoshop CS3, which has a new and goddamn hard rocking Photomerging function. Do you like the result?

JMT #1
JMT #2
JMT #3
JMT #4
JMT #5
JMT #6

Update: Why not add the 491 metre high Shanghai World Financial Center, too? It is currently under construction, but already impressive.

WFC #1
WFC #2
WFC #3
WFC #4
WFC #5

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