Il matrimonio di Blanca & Flavio

On October 30th, 2021, I had the honor of attending the wedding of my cousin Flavio and his now-wife Blanca in Rome, Italy. Family and friends from all over the world came together to celebrate their love and union. My wife, daughter, and siblings also joined in on the joyous occasion.

As the wedding ceremony took place, I couldn't help but feel emotional watching my cousin marry the love of his life. The ceremony was held in a beautiful and historic location, with the couple exchanging vows surrounded by the stunning architecture and picturesque views of Rome. The reception that followed was filled with laughter, tears of joy, and delicious Italian food.

The highlight of the wedding for me was being able to capture the special moments of the day through my photography. I took photos of the couple, family, and friends, freezing time and creating memories that will last a lifetime. From the candid shots of the bride and groom to the group shots of the family, I was able to capture the love and happiness that filled the air.

It was a day filled with love, joy, and celebration and I felt honored to have been a part of it. I wish my cousin and his new wife Blanca all the happiness in the world and I know they will have a lifetime of love and happiness together. The memories from that day will be cherished forever.

Sigma SD Quattro

I took the photos using the Sigma SD Quattro. The Sigma SD Quattro is a digital camera that is known for its advanced features and high image quality. One of its key features is the Foveon chip. The Foveon chip is a type of image sensor that captures light in a different way than traditional image sensors. It has three layers that capture different color channels, resulting in more accurate and true-to-life colors and details. The Foveon chip also allows for higher resolution images, making it a great choice for photographers who want to capture high-quality images.

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