'Hainan Airline' rocks.

I flew around China with Air China, China Eastern, Southern China - but now I've got a new favorite for domestic flights: Hainan Airlines. Why? Because it's so damn relaxing. At the beginning of the flight, all the flight attendants introduce themselves by saying their name and bowing down. Have you ever experienced that before? Me not. Then, the design of the chairs: On the sheets there are suns, shells and other 'sunny' stuff. So nice! Next: The food. They don't give you a box with everything inside, they let you choose between two dishes. The one you pick you get hot and tasty, and additionally you get a box full of other food! So much too eat, and kinda western style. Incredible, and it tastes really good that stuff. The company people were really nice, it was a great experience flying with them. No, I don't get paid by them, I just want to recommend this way better flight company. China Eastern might be a little bit cheaper, but has horrible service, stressed people and just seems like a money-making company. Spend the few extra Renminbi and take Hainan Airlines. You wont regret it.

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