Five rules to survive on the streets of Shanghai.

1. Keep your eyes open at all times. Never blink. Optionally, have eyes operated onto the back. You will never be hit by a killer taxi again.

2. Never ever give a coin to a beggar. Out of nowhere, a army of beggars will arrive. If you do this mistake, save yourself by hopping into a taxi or running into the nearest restaurant or shopping mall.

3. Clounds in the sky? Carry an umbrella with you. Seriously, acid rain is not funny. Do you want to have the same face as Darth Vader? Then leave your umbrella at home.

4. Don't eat something if you're not sure what it is. Sounds funny? Your stomach won't laugh.

5. Don't reply to people who start talking to you. All they want is money. Even normal dressed people. Just walk on and ignore.

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