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A DHL Book Review: Social Memories.

The Social Memories of Jakob Montrasio. Review Today my “Social Memories” book arrived. It’s a new book service that DHL offers. The Facebook application diggs thru your Facebook account and creates a book based on a timeframe that you can edit and ships it to you. The Quality You are able to choose between different languages, different colors and you can replace pictures that were chosen with other ones within the same image set that they come from. You can not, and this is where I am a bit disappointed, change whole pages or areas against other ones. I hope this will be changed in the future and become more flexible as the service hopefully gets extended. The book comes in a hardcover and has a very good quality and feel to it. The paper of the pages feels strong and good, too, all in all quite a decent quality. I hated the photo book that I got thru Apple’s iPhoto some years ago and expected this to be on that level, but it was much better than that. It has 24 pages full of web 2.0 styled diagrams, informations and photos. For the crappy quality that the Facebook pictures […]

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