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The Leftovers: A Tweetstorm Review

It's a show with three seasons, 28 episodes which run one hour each. I noticed the name of the show in a tweet that was talking about the fucked up ending from Game of Thrones, stating it ended as well as Breaking Bad did. pic.twitter.com/3ovensvILK — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 I finished season 3 yesterday after binging through all seasons within less than two weeks (yeah, I have a life, thank you). And I have not had this many goosebumps for a long, long time. pic.twitter.com/qgP7s2ysay — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 An event happens, and two per cent of all humans disappear without any trace or reason. Like the reaping. But this is not what the show is really about. It starts three years later and shows how people deal with this in their healthy life, how it makes them or breaks them. pic.twitter.com/HSb036oBRN — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 It's a masterpiece full of philosophy and deep thoughts. Some parts are highly uncomfortable as certain aspects of relationships are discussed in such depth that I'd never seen before. pic.twitter.com/aX9ztFtuus — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 Damon Lindelof wrote it. That's the guy who […]

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“Nuit Blanche”

Once or twice per year I stumble upon a video or a film that captures me with it’s magic, that inspires me, that makes me want to become a filmmaker. Nuit Blanche is such a video. I am speechless. This short deserves awards, lots of them. It’s perfectly smooth, everything about it is done well (the lighting! the costumes! the actors!) and it gives me goosebumps even the fourth time I watch it. Well done, Mister Arev Manoukian, well done. Update: The Making Of. Now I’m even more blown away. Holy shit is this well produced. […]

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