Ciao! I am Jakob, Media Designer.

Welcome to my little website!

I’m currently working as a frontend developer at a local German daily newspaper called DIE RHEINPFALZ. In short, that means I code and design websites. Actually, it also consists of UX/UI conception, wireframing, screen design, prototyping and so on.

What is the purpose of this website?

As the title gives away, I’m in fact a media designer. I use this website to showcase my work and to blog away my thoughts. Completely unregulary, though, sometimes I don’t have anything to say, even for months.

Media design: All-In-One magician

The word media design covers a wide range of potential fields. And that’s why I like that name so much. I don’t want to be put in one category, as I love and create in a variety of topics. As early as a child did I grab the camcorder from my dad to shoot little movies with my toys. But those stories don’t belong here – I wrote them down in my biography.

Those five media fields are where I create the most in:

Web, design, „word“, video / film and photography.

You can find many samples of my work in those categories.


I hope you find the time to browse around a bit and find a few interesting works of mine. I’m always happy to receive feedback or to discuss with my visitors. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks, see you later!