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Music is almost as important to me as movies.

Music Video: Yang Baby – “Kiss You Again”

I’ve been so busy in the last months that I even forgot to post this music “Kiss You Again” video which we shot. It was finished in the beginning of August, days before I flew to Japan to shoot Souls of Zen, so I completely lost track of everything due to the jetlag, shoot and unavailable internet connection in Japan. We shot it with two Canon 5D Mark II’s at a place called “Potato Beach” as well as in the Saarbrücken Music University. It took two days to shoot it and a couple more to edit it. Enjoy! Produced by Cedric Banini & m&r Kreativ GmbH Shot by Jakob Montrasio & Paul Mukian Directed by Banini & Montrasio & Mukian http://mrkreativ.de/ http://www.yang-baby.com/ […]

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Michael is back! Thriller 25th Anniversary.

“Dangerous” was probably the album I listened to the most as a young, dumb boy. And I absolutely loved Michael’s great music videos on Mtv, too! I guess I’m one of the hardcore fans from him. Anyway, his last two or three albums were really bad, so I had almost forgotten about him. Well, his music, in the news he appeared more than enough, didn’t he? I listen more to Blues, Hip-Hop and House nowadays anyway (weird combination, I know), so when I got the iTunes Newsletter today stating something about a new Michael Jackson album I was immediately interested. It got even more fascinating when I read the track list – many songs featuring artists like Kanye West and Fergie? Cool shit. After listening to it just now, I can only recommend you to buy it (or not). Beat It 2008 (25th Anniversary Remix) [feat. Fergie] for example is really old school, but at the same time a bit enhanced and just… fun. And Billie Jean (25th Anniversary Remix) [feat. Kanye West]? If you liked the Daft Punk mash-up with Kanye and are a MJ fan, you’ll absolutely love it. It’s really fresh and also it’s just good to […]

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Clapton live in Shanghai.

I don’t remember the exact year, but it must have been at least four or five years ago. Billy Crystal was the host of the academy awards that year and a hilarious clip was shown before the show or as advertisement: Billy Crystal goes to the cinema, buys a popcorn, goes to his theatre, sits down, watches the commercials and as soon as the movie begins, he pulls up a tripod with a camcorder attached to capture the movie…. What the hell has this to do with Eric Clapton, you ask?


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