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I am a flick addict, so I love to watch movies and shoot my own.

The Leftovers: A Tweetstorm Review

It's a show with three seasons, 28 episodes which run one hour each. I noticed the name of the show in a tweet that was talking about the fucked up ending from Game of Thrones, stating it ended as well as Breaking Bad did. pic.twitter.com/3ovensvILK — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 I finished season 3 yesterday after binging through all seasons within less than two weeks (yeah, I have a life, thank you). And I have not had this many goosebumps for a long, long time. pic.twitter.com/qgP7s2ysay — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 An event happens, and two per cent of all humans disappear without any trace or reason. Like the reaping. But this is not what the show is really about. It starts three years later and shows how people deal with this in their healthy life, how it makes them or breaks them. pic.twitter.com/HSb036oBRN — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 It's a masterpiece full of philosophy and deep thoughts. Some parts are highly uncomfortable as certain aspects of relationships are discussed in such depth that I'd never seen before. pic.twitter.com/aX9ztFtuus — Jakob Montrasio (@yakobusan) 4. Juni 2019 Damon Lindelof wrote it. That's the guy who […]

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It’s Always Sunny With Emily

Emily… My little girl. Growing so fast. You got into first grade three weeks ago! I knew this day was coming. Started recording the fun times we had exactly a year ago. All the fun times we had together, leading up to your first school year. In Italy, Germany, in summer, in winter. We love swimming, we love the snow. With family, with friends, or just the two of us. Thank you for all the sunshine, my love. To the next six years! Background for It’s Always Sunny With Emily Emily started going to chool this year, and I wanted to create a snapshot of her last year in freedom in form of a video. So I started shooting all the fun activities we had and edited them into this time capsule motion document that you can see here. I may be going a bit over the top here, but school does change everything and takes her from childhood via teenage into adulthood. Things will never be the same again. I love my daughter and wish her the best life she can have. We went to the Alps, Livigno, where Emily had her first and second ski lessons. She got really […]

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The premiere of “Das diebische Rentier”.

“Das diebische Rentier” means “The thieving reindeer” and that’s what our 3D projection is all about: A reindeer that’s too lazy to pull the sleigh anymore and a Santa that gets mad angry. The premiere was yesterday at the Saint Johann market in Saarbrücken, where the local Christmas market is every year. Given that it was a Thursday – a workday – and it had rained just before, there will still a few people around watching the show. I think it will be much fuller on the weekend though. If you’re in or around Saarbrücken, don’t miss it! […]

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Standing while editing.

Since Monday, I’ve been working while standing. No more seat for me. There are various reasons for this, among the top ones are my (over-)weight as well as the back pain that I had in Japan from shooting handheld and with a six kilogram heavy steadistick so much. I’ve read about the benefits of working while standing some month ago and wondered all the time if I should try it out. The first day was the hardest one, my feet hurt badly at the end of it. So we went to Runners Point and bought me some new Nike shoes with the softest sole they had, some new foam-style with the classification 5.0. They worked wonders, and by Tuesday the pain was gone for the first six hours. The last hour started to get painful again, so I tried to sit down more often on Wednesday and Thursday. It worked just fine, and today my feet feel great again. I feel much more clear while working, somewhat sharper and faster, and I need much less coffee than before. Actually, I just drink one in the morning and one after lunch for the stomach, but that’s it. It’s all mineral water […]

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Just great: Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

Quick recommendation of a little jewel: Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a fantastic and super funny horror comedy. My wife and I are big horror movie fans so we enjoyed the hell out of this one. It’s a great spoof / twist on the typical “college kids go camping” setup that so many horror films have. I give it 8 out of 10, highly recommended. Check out the trailer: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil — Trailer von dreadcentral […]

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