Chinese Skype under attack.

Warning, dear chinese Skype users! There are quite some robots roaming around Skype at the moment, telling you that you have won some huge amount of money or a computer or a dragon, for all I care. They are cheating! The Domains "" and "" look like Skype, but are in fact fake! DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING! Just open "" and see for yourself: It says "Directory Listing Denied - This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed". Do you think a big company like Skype would launch a website without a starting page? Yeah, right. Some clever dude was lucky, got the .cn ending and tries to cheat you right now! Same goes to "", which is some kind of portal and not related to Skype at all! Don't fall for their tricks. The only "official" Skype sites are "" and for China, "". Every other winning URL submitted to you is trying to steal something for you. Ignore these robots, and put them on your blacklist.