Cards, Cards, Cards.

Chinese love cards, or at least I think so. I had, before moving to China, these cards in my wallet: two german bank account cards and a german insurance card from DKV. Now, after living more than a year in China, these cards somehow made their way into my wallet: a Bank Of China card, a Eastern Miles card, a ctrip VIP card, a Priority Club Rewards card, a Taco Bell VIP card (funny, I have in my whole life not once been in a Taco Bell, this was a gift), a Chatea card (they gift you some cool tea set after spending a thousand kuai there or something), a proof-of-ownership card for my electronic scooter, and since today, a Clean card from my local cleaning shop. Yes, this is crazy. Before: 3 cards. Now: 8. They are not heavy at all so I don't mind carrying them around, but it's funny how everything seems to be solved over cards here. Oh, and why did I make that cleaning card today? Because I clean my suit every once in a while, and if you pay down 200 kuai on your card, all costs are 50% off! 50%! Sweet Jesus. I don't mind carrying 50 more cards around if other places would give me 50% off, too... Like my favorite DVD-9 store!

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