Blog: Relaunch successful.

Here we go, after a good year using the old theme I switched to a new one - finally, the old one was really starting to get on my nerves. I'll never make a 2 sidebar-columns design again. When I start redesigning, I usually create a little something rough in Photoshop, which gives me the colors and the fonts I want to use. Then I start looking for prebuilt themes that kind of look like what I designed. Of course, I'm never able to find exactly something like a designed, now that would be weird, wouldn't it? But that's a good thing, because most themes have a great designer behind them who also know what they are doing. So I go on changing that theme to make it look more like my own, while keeping the good ideas the other designer had. So that's what you see here now: A mix of a design from me, the inventor of the Hemingway theme as well as it's 'expander'. Kudos to those guys. Hope you enjoy the new look. If you find any bugs and itches, please report them via comment or mail. Thanks!