Back from Hunan!

Hunan Countryside.

So I spend the last four days in Hunan (湖南) province, shooting some tea mountains near a city called Shimen. We flew from Shanghai's Hongqiao airport to Changsha (长沙), the capital of Hunan province. Mao Zedong is from that province and he's pretty much everywhere around there - on posters, paintings and even statues. From Changsha we drove 5 hours or so to Shimen to spend another night there. Then we drove to the tea mountains of the Hunan Tea Company and shot some footage with the workers and manager there.

Was a fun trip, a bit hectic and quite hot, but totally worth the time. Got some good footage for the customer and was invited to the most incredible lunches and dinners all the time. Hunanese food is ultra spicy, like Sichuan food, and very natural. They don't use thick sauces like in other provinces but the flavor is extremely strong, anyway.

Will put some more pics online during the next days.


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