Jakob Montrasio

Jakob Montrasio

Lantern festival in Yu Garden.

Despite the fact that every person had to pay 30 kuai (if you arrived after seven, that is), we went to the Yu Garden lantern festival. It was full like hell, but quite interesting, as the whole area was filled with, well, lanterns and stuff. Around us everywhere were little children with annoying sound-lanterns, but the overall atmosphere was good. Some monks walked around, a lot…

Climbing Mount Hua.

During the chinese new year spring festival, we made a trip to the Huashan mountain. It was a two hour ride from Xi'An. We had to wait over one hour in line, until we finally sat down in a cable car and started going to the top of the mountain. I took my Canon XL1s camera on the trip - this is the result.

'Hainan Airline' rocks.

I flew around China with Air China, China Eastern, Southern China - but now I've got a new favorite for domestic flights: Hainan Airlines. Why? Because it's so damn relaxing. At the beginning of the flight, all the flight attendants introduce themselves by saying their name and bowing down. Have you ever experienced that before? Me not. Then, the design of the chairs: On the sheets…

Geeky Valentine's Day present.

Since we have neither the space nor the money to buy a real Piano at the moment, I decided to present my wife a MIDI-USB keyboard that she can use on my PowerBook from Apple. She loves to play but has left her 'standalone' keyboard at her home in Xi'An for her mom. So I went out to find one, and let me tell you, that…

Clapton live in Shanghai.

I don't remember the exact year, but it must have been at least four or five years ago. Billy Crystal was the host of the academy awards that year and a hilarious clip was shown before the show or as advertisement: Billy Crystal goes to the cinema, buys a popcorn, goes to his theatre, sits down, watches the commercials and as soon as the movie begins,…

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance?

Geez. What a woman! Daughter can rest after 10-year hunt A 25-year-old woman from Wanzhou in Chongqing Municipality has ended a 10-year search for the man who sold her mother and killed her father, delivering him to police custody in September. In 1992, Wang Wenlong, a farmer in Wanzhou, sold Chen Xia's mother to a farmer in Sheqi County, Henan Province. Chen and her father tracked…

My computer, my programs.

HDR 01 - My Desktop. Gotta clean it sometime...

Reading about other's people computer and software is always fun, so why shouldn't I share my system information and software with you? Maybe nothing in this entry is new to you, but maybe you'll find something you didn't know before. Maybe you recently switched to Mac system and you want to know about cool software? Who knows! Let's get started. This is my setup, as in the picture above: I got a Apple PowerBook G4 with 17" from 2005 (yeah, I don't have the money to witch to a new system every year...), additionally I got a 250 Gigabyte sized external hard-drive from Maxtor, a Mighty Mouse, a Logitech headset for Skype and Sharp stereo boxes - for music, what else! What I do? I create web-sites (for fun, mostly), edit images, create video pod-casts and lots more.

Boom Shakalaka.

Apple's new iPhone. Let's start saving!

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