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AOL could be chinese.

Funny. I just saw 'New AOL.com Beta Rips Off Yahoo! Home Page' on digg (but TechChrunch reported first) and it's so true! Seems like AOL is yet another Microsoft and can't figure out to make their own design, see Windows Live aka MSN and Google. Well, better a good copy then a horrible redesign, I guess. Like all the chinese Web 2.0 sites copy the abroad…

SS: China Top Brand.

Austin Ramzy has posted something rather crazy on the TIME China-Blog, a new symbol that 'designates a product as one of China's top brands'. Click on the symbol to read the whole story...

Jin Mao Tower & World Financial Center: Vertical Panoramas.

ChinaNext Entry #3

So when I went to Lujiazui yesterday to take some new Pudong pictures for the ChinaNext competition, all of a sudden an idea flew to my head: Why not create a vertical panorama of the beautiful Jin Mao tower? So I took five images at full zoom and stitched them together in Photoshop CS3, which has a new and goddamn hard rocking Photomerging function. Do you like the result?

Cooking spaghetti - my way.

55: Spaghetti!!!

Since my guests always seem to like my spaghetti, I thought I'd post my recipe. Today my friend theshanghaieye from flickr came over and took pics while my wife and I were cooking, so you can see the progress with images.

Nikon D50 HDR test: Single RAW vs. 3 RAW's vs. 3 JPEG's.

Nikon D50: ordered!

Since people keep telling me that you can achieve better HDR results by taking images with different exposures, I performed a test for this. I was quite surprised by the result. But let's begin with the setup.


Zhouzhuang is supposed to be the most famous, or at least most beautiful water town in China. You may have never heard of it, but there is a chance that you have seen it already: It is used during the showdown of the third 'Mission: Impossible' movie with Tom Cruise. In the movie, the editors 'fake' the town to be in Shanghai, but that is not…

Why there is no Beijingist.

I guess most foreigners and / or english-speaking chinese know great Shanghai resource Shanghaiist from the Gothamist network. I always wondered why there is no Beijing version of that website, why there is no Beijingist. Now I know why, having been in the capitol of China for a couple of days. But let's not begin this entry with bitching about the missing nightlife and fun-areas in…

Pudong reloaded.

Regardingless to what you may have heard, Shanghai's Pudong area is kinda boring. Except for the first ten minutes, when you walk around with a open mouth wondering if you're on the set of a new SciFi movie. But after that, after seeing the Oriental pearl TV Tower and some other buildings, there is not much more. Yes, the area is cleaner than Puxi. Yes, Pudong…

Chinese tea.

I was talking with a friend about chinese tea when I remembered that I had one bud of a chinese flower left. Now this is no ordinary tea, this is something I have never seen outside of China. You put the bud into a big glass, then you add hot water. The next minutes you will stare at the glass as the bud is blooming all…

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